UK Online Gambling Advertising Issues

The United Kingdom has been very successful in legislating online gambling and ensuring that only licensed products are displayed to UK gamblers. The UK was one of the first areas to have succeeded in regulating online gambling, the current government though is coming under pressure for allowing too much publicity and advertising aimed at the public.

Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt is asking the Prime Minister to seriously look into what she sees as an unnecessary and deliberate action by Online Gambling companies to stretch its advertising campaign to such an extent.

Ofcom, the UK communications industries’ regulator has been asked by MP Munt to investigate on the current volume of adverts coming from the Gambling Industry. Prime Minister David Cameron was respectfully asked to protect consumers, children and those vulnerable against this kind of activity.

The public is being asked to be sensible in their expectations and behaviour at a time when the country’s personal debt has reached an alarming 1.45 trillion of pounds.

The Prime Minister seemed to have taken note over Munt’s concern on the overexposure of gaming adverts and advised that the problem was not just for Ofcom to examine. He further observed that the quality of the advertising offered by the internet gambling industry was as much of a concern as their quantity.

David Cameron believes that there is no need for these gaming companies to ask themselves whether they are behaving in a responsible way when they are actually doing it. He maintained that the issue should be the responsibility of the companies concerned.

Popular Irish book Paddy Power claimed that their adverts were more entertaining than aggressive in reaction to Cameron’s “aggressive” comment.

Written for Bet Gambling by Maurice.