Slots where you share a jackpot win

There is a new slot machine in town, and everybody can win its jackpot. We are talking about the amazing Everybody’s Jackpot, a game that rewards not only the one lucky player who got it right, but everybody else who tried during the previous day and month.

Let us explain in more detail: Everybody’s Jackpot slots has a unique feature which gives the opportunity to a lot of players to share a progressive win. How does it work? If a player wins the jackpot, he gets 70% of the total amount. The remaining 30% is split in two, and players who bet at least 50 coins the 24hours prior to the win share 15%, and the players who bet at least 50 coins the month prior to the win share the other 15%

What this means in practise? That even if you are unlucky when you play the game, you could find a significant amount in your account next time you login simply because someone else won the jackpot! It’s like those scenes we see in casino movies, where someone waits for you to finish your slot game and then goes to your seat and after a few bets wins big. If Everybody’s Jackpot was the game, you would get part of that win because you also contributed to the jackpot.

The game is available at King Solomons Casino and comes with a sign up bonus of £300 for new players.

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