Online Gaming’s Richest People

The London Times published a list of the wealthiest people in online gaming in 2011, so let’s see who is making the most money.

On positions 9 and 10 we find Andrew Black and Ed Wray, founders of Betfair Exchange. Their fortune is estimated at 125 and 132 million pounds respectively.

On position 8 we have Victor Chandler, owner of the famous sportsbook and casino brand. His fortune is 160 million pounds.

Vikrant Bhargava, Party Gaming’s CEO, is found on the 7th position with a fortune of 230 million pounds.

Peter and Fred Done, owners of the English company Betfred had a combined fortune of 660 million pounds.

Russ DeLeon and Ruth Parasol were two of the first millionaires in the industry as they founded Party Gaming, the company that brought online poker to the masses. Their fortune is estimated at 733 million pounds, down 99 million from last year.

On positions 2 and 1 we have a father and a daughter. Mr Peter and Ms Denise Coates are the owners of Bet 365. The company offers sports book, casino, poker and games, and has seen its revenue increase by 250 million pounds only in 2011. The owners’ fortune is estimated at 750 million pounds.