Mobile Gambling On The Rise

We recently read on Twitter that there are more iPhone’s sold per day (402 thousand) than people born in the world per day (300 thousand). The data come from Apple’s quarterly sales compared to official births in the world, shows us that smart phones will be the primary tool for communication and internet browsing in no time.

It’s no surprise then that mobile gambling in on the rise. In 2011 the mobile gambling industry, including casinos, lotteries, sports betting, was worth $20bn. But in 2017 this figure is expected to be close to $100bn, a tremendous rise that comes as a result of people engaging more with social media, mobile apps and services offered via these channels to them. Tablets sales are also on the rise, and as they become cheaper, faster and easier to use, the day that they will replace desktops and pc’s (when it comes to entertainment and browsing) is not far.

Major UK sports books are already seeing 20% of their revenue coming from their mobile sites/applications, and there is a new generation of online wallets that aim to make online payments faster, simpler and more secure. In the near future people watching live games in the pubs will probably spend more time looking at the phones and placing live bets that actually watching the game.

This is our next project, to review and present to you the main sports book apps for UK customers.