Gold Rally Slots Jackpot Win

The Gold Rally Slots game has proven to be golden for one very lucky slots player. During his betting he managed to win a  colossal amount of $748,513. To note that Gold Rally Slots was one of the most bet on games at King Solomons Casino during the month of October 2011. The main reason why many players like to bet on this game is due to its massive jackpot.

Gold Rally Slots is one of the largest progressive jackpots on the Playtech Progressive Slots network.The last time the Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot was bagged, was about 2 months ago and for the huge sum of $841,282. Historically the largest  Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot won was 9 months ago for $1,625,455. The current jackpot amount on the slot game has been reset and it is now $75,239.

During this year, Gold Rally Progressive Slot Jackpot’s have been won for various amounts, it was first hit for $1,625,455; it’s largest to date.  It was reset to its default amount of $75,000 but then after less than 3 months, it was hit again for $1,233,394. Subsequent to that, there have been 4 more major wins. At this rate, in the months to come, some fortunate player might be grabbing a 7 figure win with the Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot.

The Gold Rally Slots game can be played at any number of Playtech casinos. We do however recommend playing them the Bet Gambling Playtech Partners by clicking on the link below.

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