Bwin face Portugal Ban digital has been summoned by a Portuguese court to remove all their advertising from Portuguese sports events as those are considered to be in breach of current gambling law.

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment plc is an online gambling company, formed by the merger of Party Gaming plc and Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG. It is the world’s largest publicly traded online gambling firm and is best known for its online poker room Party Poker and its sports betting brand Bwin. has a sponsorship deal with Portuguese soccer league cup for 4 million euros. This deal is now being revoked due to the action of the Portuguese courts. The LPFP (Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional) has been compelled to ban all advertising referring to Bwin. But they said they were against the Court’s ruling and will refute it.

Bwin’s operations are considered illicit as Portugal reproves online gambling companies and this is why a Porto Court compelled Bwin to get rid of all their advertising as from Monday the 16th of January 2012.

Bwin made a statement saying that the Court should have taken into consideration the EU law. Portugal wants to promote their games locally and worldwide but at the same time, they do not want foreign companies to help them with this move. Bwin said they would suspend all sponsorship and advertising.

As for Artur Mateus, a manager of the Portuguese Casino Association, he is pleased with the Court’s ruling as he feels that the government should fight against operators who are running their business illegally.

Bwin’s lawyer, Eduardo Serra Jorge said that Portugal should start working on clear legislation and a tax system when it comes to online gambling and to regulate this industry.This would highly benefit the state, customers and the economy.

Written for Bet Gambling UK by Helen.

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