Betfair implement new platform

In an effort to convert visitors into real money gamblers, Betfair has taken up the services of the Oracle Real Time Decisions platform.This new technology platform spots what gambling info should be distributed to particular types of players.

This is made possible due to data collected when gamblers at Betfair register accounts, details such as age, location and gambling preferences are analyzed. All this data is then associated with a gambling platform on Betfair in an effort to provide customers the best and closest options they would want to play on.

According to Betfair, this new system should bring in more income as it delivers exactly what players are looking for.
Oracle Real Time Decisions platform extracts 200,000 analytics findings every 100 milliseconds. Web capabilities product manager at Betfair, James Knight, said they were looking for the kind of system that would propose most adapted choices to site visitors. The most important factor in this process is that it provides customers with a tailor made service.

Knight added that now that this new system has been implemented on the Betfair site and are looking at implementing it on the Betfair Mobile product. At the present time due to space restriction on mobiles, the Oracle Real Time Decisions platform would need to be further adapted to suit this requirement. This kind of behavioral technology has already been implemented in large parts of web user experience but this is the first time that we have heard of it being implemented by a UK gambling product.

Written by Helen for Bet Gambling.